Meditative Bowl Set

The set includes 7 bowls ranging from small 7 cm to large 12 cm. Made of a blend of 5 metals, they are used for non-contact massages, meditations, and Shavasana. Cast bowls, not handforged.

Set weight: approximately 3.3 kg.

The set consists of 7 forged bowls, each corresponding to a specific chakra. A chakra is a fascial-nerve plexus of energy centers, meaning there is no magic - everything is anatomically explained. And each chakra corresponds to its own note.

The bowl is made of a blend of 5 metals, each corresponding to an astrological planet. Each metal has its own sound, tone, and vibration frequency. During the session with the bowls, we work with each energy center.

Everyone who purchases a bowl from us will receive a gift: a video lesson with the history of Tibetan bowls and 3 techniques for using them for their health and the health of their loved ones.

Delivery is not included in the price and is paid separately depending on the country.