Full "Moon Bowl"

The distinctive feature is the black color - in Nepal, it is called tiger, a sign of the full moon, and the stamp of the full moon in Sanskrit is engraved on the bowl itself.

Contains 8 metals.
Used for contact, non-contact massage, meditation, Shavasana, deep vibrational work with clients with physical and mental illnesses.
Manufactured twice a month: on the night of the full moon under certain mantras and by masters.
Bowl size: from 17.5 cm crown chakra to 24 cm root chakra.
Production time: 1 week.
Delivery worldwide 10-12 days, Belarus, Russia - 1 month.

The bowl has an alloy of 8 metals, each corresponding to an astrological planet. Each metal has its own sound, tonality, and vibration frequency. During the session with the bowls, we work with each energy center.

You can order both a single bowl that interests you and several, ordering the missing bowls and thus assembling a complete, beautiful, therapeutic set of 7 bowls.

Everyone who purchases a bowl from us will receive a gift: a video lesson on the history of Tibetan bowls and 3 techniques for using them for their health and for their loved ones.

Delivery is not included in the price and is paid separately depending on the country.