Bowl "New Moon"

The distinctive feature is the silver color whole bowl or part - in Nepal, it is called tiger, a sign of the full moon, and the stamp of the new moon in Sanskrit is engraved on the bowl itself.

Contains 8 metals.
Used for contact, non-contact massage, meditation, Shavasana, deep vibrational work with clients with physical and mental illnesses.
Manufactured twice a month: on the night of the full moon under certain mantras and by masters.
Bowl size: from 17.5 cm crown chakra to 24 cm root chakra.
Production time: 1 week.
Delivery worldwide 10-12 days, Belarus, Russia - 1 month.
You can order a bowl of any size and weight. For example, a 25 cm bowl - 2 kg.

Everyone who purchases a bowl from us will receive a gift: a video lesson on the history of Tibetan bowls and 3 techniques for using them for their health and for their loved ones.

Delivery is not included in the price and is paid separately depending on the country.