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A Tibetan bowl is a spiritual instrument. And our mission is to spread and preserve the purity and quality of using this instrument worldwide. We also strive to educate people as much as possible on how to properly handle bowls. After all, when you work with a Tibetan bowl and another person, you work with subtle substances, souls, and physical health. It is very important here to be clean in intention and professional in your work and to work with a clean (proper) bowl.

Tibetan bowls

without intermediaries and markups

Each bowl is made to order by specialists in Nepal who have been learning to create and work with bowls for decades. They know and use specific mantras and rituals in the manufacturing process. This technology cannot be counterfeited.

We take into account the request of each client and send bowls all over the world. To place an order, simply fill out the form on the website.
Certified yoga teacher and therapist with Tibetan bowls. She has been studying and cooperating with Gurus and bowl manufacturers from Nepal for over 6 years. She helps to select bowls according to your personal request, so that the masters make it specifically for you.
Elena Pashkevich - founder of the store


The history of bowls is centuries-old. This is an instrument for harmonizing and tuning the physical and emotional health of a person that has come down to our days.

The psyche and physics of a person work together. Having experienced stress at an emotional level, we squeeze the nerve bundle of the fascia, muscles, and organs in the body. The consequence is a physical and emotional imbalance from the stress emotion. And here you have come for a session with Tibetan bowls.
Before the session, the client's request is always clarified. Only after that does the therapist start working. Most often, the client sleeps during this time. The therapist listens to and feels the client's vibrations through the bowls and understands where, in which part of the body, to pay more attention. Each person has their own experience of the session.
The sounds of the bowls relax your psyche.
The vibrations relieve physical spasm.
Physical pains go away, and emotional state is aligned.
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